App The application container. This class is a Singleton.
Console Bridge for executing CLI requests.
Controller Provides some simple functionality to controllers for returning requests. Using these methods short circuits the request, aka terminates it immeditatly, not allowing other routes or controllers to be executed.
Crypt Crypt class.
Data Data class.
DataModel The DataModel class is used to ensure the validity and integrity of data. This is done by a defining a definition for each datum in the data model. The class ensures that any data defined by the definition conforms to its specified conditions, and when it does not it sets errors specific to each datum which can then be used to communicate what type of datum should have been passed.
Email Email class.
Event Event class.
Facade Facade class.
FileHelper Helper for interacting with file system files.
Form This is the Form class.
Html This is the Html class.
LookUp Provides the base functionality for lookup classes. All classes that extend this class must at a minimum set `$this->Model`, `$this->fields`, `$this->searchableFields`. To extend the functionality of the fetch method override `$this->preFetch()` and `$this->postFetch`.
MockBox This little class helps empower our Router.
Model Turn a class into SQL layer abstraction for easy query building.
ModelFactory ModelFactory class.
Paginate This class becomes available as the variable `page` inside {{ page }}{{ endpage}} tags in twig templates. It provides the functionality for creating navigation in paged content, as well as context awareness such as the current page and total pages.
PDO Wrapper around the native \PDO class.
Queue Queue class.
Record Abstract Record class. Treats an object as a table row (Active Record/ORM). Use the Disco CLI tool to generate your records.
Request Information about the current request to the application.
Router Router class.
Session Convient wrapper around using $_SESSION variables.
Template Template class.
TemplateLoader Extension of \Twig_Loader_Filesystem which allows for extension-less template execution.
View Disco\classes\View class.



app(null|string  $service = null) : mixed|\Disco\classes\App

Easy global access to App Singleton {@link \App::$app}.


null|string $service

A service to return from the application container.